Monday, 31 October 2011

To Reality and Beyond!

Yesterday I returned to work after 5 months off with stress and depression! I wasnt exactly thrilled to be back but guess I just had to bite the bullet, and thanks to the colleagues I was on shift with it was an easy shift to return on!!
Was really difficult to leave the kids after being at home with them for so long, but they had a party to go to so did not appear too devastated at my absence!
Not sure which is worse.....when they are upset that you are away or when they seemingly couldnt care??? Maybe somewhere in the middle would be nice!!

Was good having Halloween with them today and going round all our family and friends.
Im sure one of the kids will have diabetes before the years end with the amount of chocolate we now have in the house!!
A great time was had by Peter Pan, who fell asleep on the car journey home and is currently in bed still wearing his costume!!
Tinkerbell was not so enthused about the festivities and was the least graceful fairy I have ever met, and spent the evening sullen and completely unamused at her costume!! I was very thankful she cannot yet talk as Im sure she would have uttered many many expletives regarding her purple and green fairy wings, and at me for putting them on her!!

So thats been the last few days...
yesterday was back to the realities of full time nursing and juggling the kids, and today was full of chocolate, a hyperactive Peter Pan and a pissed off Tinkerbell!!

Oh, what a wonderful life!!


  1. I'm so not looking forward to returning to work next year. I've been very lucky to have been able to afford to take 9 months off with my newborn, and much as I love my job and look forward to the challenge again, I am going to miss being part of my girls day to day life so much. I can only imagine how hard it is with 2 toddlers! At least one of mine is old enough to be a huge help to me

  2. Thank you so much Elise for taking the time to first blog comment!!
    I know how hard and heart-wrenching it is returning to work and I hope that it is as easy a transition as possible for you, and that you enjoy every minute you still have off work with your baby girl!!
    Kindest regards!!