Thursday, 17 November 2011

Happy Wedding Day To You

My ex-husband is getting married again on Sunday.
Congratulations to him and his new wife, from the old wife and kids.

Im sure the children would have loved to give their father hugs and kisses on his big day, if they had been invited that is! 
To be fair to my ex, he is in Australia, so the children would  not have been attending anyway, but its the principle that gets me. He saw fit to send out invitations to every aunt, cousin and second cousin twice removed, knowing full well that none of them could afford to fly to Australia, therefore one can safely deduce that it was an act that served no other purpose than to simply be polite.
Why then did he not see fit to extend that politeness to his own children?
He did not need to invite me....I would probably have written a rage filled blog on the topic if he had invited me, but his children are different.

Perhaps it is not the done thing to have your children from your first marriage present at your next marriage?
Perhaps after all this time he has actually forgotten their names and who they are?
Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

Truth is, I dont know whats going on in his head any more than I know how I feel on the whole topic.
I genuinely dont know how I feel that he is getting married again in the beautiful sunshine, surrounded by wealth and happiness......bitter,.... perhaps???

I do wish them both happiness and a lifetime full of love....the life that he and I could not have together. I just wish that he doesnt forget his children.
They may be a reminder to him and his new wife of a life she had no part in,  but they are here and always will be and he has to remember that, in more ways than a cheque every month.
Phonecalls to his children have become few and far between as he has "been really busy with the wedding!" - PRIORITIES!!!!!

I think Im happy for him; I think Im angry at him; I think Im a bit jealous; I think Im hurt for my children. I know Im confused about it all!!

Any answers as to what I should feel or how to manage the confusion of it all are welcomed!!!

Happy Wedding Day to my ex-husband.....May it be all you ever dreamed of!


  1. Oh huni, what a horrible day for you. I would be a little bitter and a little jealous today too, and i'm not sure I would have the dignity to wish them happiness as you have.
    Submerse yourself in chocolate, and remember you have the better end of this deal. You at least have the clarity to understand that your kids are treasured gift and get to enjoy every day of their lives whereas he does not even comprehend what he is missing out on

  2. Advice taken - kids went on a sleepover last night and chocolate and wine were at hand to keep me company!! Now off to pick up my babies and head to soft play! He may have a grand fancy wedding to attend, but he can keep it - Im about to see my babies running towards me with open arms shouting "mummmmy" and covering me in kisses - priceless!!

  3. New to your blog and now following. His loss I say you get to keep the best part your lovely children and now you have the chance to allow something special to enter yours. Lovely to meet you come and visit my blog if you get a chance. Hope you have a great day.

    Always Wendy